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Still He Commands the Sun

I slowly walked through my local grocery store. After seeing that the toilet paper aisle was empty, I filled my cart with an attempt at balancing prepared with not panicked. Fruit gone, bread gone, milk gone. I could see fear and anxiety on the faces around me, because these vacant shelves spoke stories of hearts. I looked into the eyes of those near me, trying to share peace through smiles and eye contact. ⁠⠀


As I steered my cart, taking in what was around me, Job came to mind. If you know Job’s story, you know that he lost many of the very things that we may be afraid of losing—his family, his wealth and income, his health, all gone. Job understandably shares his confusion and despair with God. ⁠⠀


In the final chapter, God responds to Job. He doesn’t answer Job’s questions, but instead, reminds Job of who He is. Reading His words takes my breath away every time. Here was Job, asking God, “Where are you?” and God answers with a reminder to trust Him, offering verse after verse of proof that He is very much in charge. ⁠⠀


As I checked out with my groceries, I thought about this verse in particular: “Have you commanded the morning since your days began, and caused the dawn to know its place?” (Job 38:12, ESV).⁠⠀


What I’ve carried deep in my bones since the day I first read this verse is God’s continual, active, daily presence still. Even in times of uncertainty and confusion, God commands the sun to rise, every day, since days began. Every morning, when we wake, before we think our first conscious thought, God is ahead of us, proving His faithfulness through the sun that He still commands to rise. He reveals to us His control. His loving care. His detailed attentiveness. His might. His order. ⁠⠀


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