I would love to speak to your women’s group about faith and growth. Some of my talks include:


  • Flourish Where You Are – How many of us can say that our lives are going exactly as we planned? Life is hard! It doesn’t follow the story we made up for ourselves. Yet, here we are. God uses where we are to grow us. Learn how to flourish right where He has placed you.

  • Choose Love as the Loudest Voice – There are voices shouting at us everywhere we go – real ones and the ones we make up in our heads. When we choose God’s voice – the voice of Love – as the one we listen to first and only, our lives can look radically different.

  • Freedom isn’t Doing What You Want – When we choose Jesus as Lord of our lives, when we decide to follow Him, we feel conflicted if we still live our lives the way we want to. True freedom is found in letting go of our own desires and listening to His instead.


I’m also happy to talk with you about customizing a talk for your group.

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