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If you are looking for a speaker and an encourager for your event, I'd love to connect. You can reach out through my Connect page. Some of my talks include:


  • Four Postures to Hearing God's Voice – Learn four heart postures that prepare us to meet with God, to know Him deeper and hear Him louder.

  • Flourish Where You Are – God uses where we are to grow us. Learn how to flourish right where He has placed you.

  • Choose Love as the Loudest Voice – When we choose God’s voice – the voice of Love – as the one we listen to first and only, and quiet the world's voices, our lives change.

  • On Inviting God into the Broken Places of Your Marriage: How the Holy Spirit Guides, Protects and Heals – This talk follows Nehemiah's journey to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem as a model for how God can rebuild our hearts and our marriages.

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