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Embracing the Uninvited

[Featured as The Joyful Life Daily Devotional]

The rain battered the canopy of trees that border my backyard. The winds curved the limbs and the last leaves relented, piling together on the grass below.

It happens every year. The rain and winds force the lingering leaves to the ground. We know those leaves that haven’t dropped yet, will.

And every year, it bothers me.

It bothers me that change comes at us. It bothers me that we have no say in the matter. It bothers me that the wind and rain can sweep through and take what we’re holding, leaving our limbs bare.

I’ve never been a fan of change. Most people aren’t. I like what’s comfortable. What works. What’s predictable.

But as I stare at the empty brown limbs, the shadow of summer’s shade, I wonder: If I had to choose to change on my own, how many seasons would I miss? How long would I stay stuck, holding onto brown wilted leaves?

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