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Riding the Waves of Raising Boys: How to Stop Being Controlling as a Mom

[Featured on The Joyful Life Magazine blog]

I was sitting on my hospital bed, still wearing those blue hospital socks with the grippy bottoms, when I told the nurse I wasn’t sure I knew how to change a diaper. I mean, I’d done it back in my babysitting days, but never on a newborn. Never for my own son. I followed the nurse’s lead, remembering the scene from “50 First Dates” when Drew Barrymore’s baby boy peed in her mouth during a diaper change.

That scene was prophetic.

Well, no, not in my mouth—but I was literally re-baptized into the whole diaper thing, by less than holy water.

That diaper-changing moment was my first clue that this snuggly little bundle of blue wasn’t quite like me, nor was he completely under my control. After we added two more boys to the Hammar clan, I learned much from the literal BLUEprint of my little testosterone-y family. I can tell you, it is far more enjoyable and rewarding—and far less exhausting—to be a boy mama who intentionally chooses to ride the waves of raising boys, rather than try to control the tide.

Let’s start with a glimpse of where we began, and let’s just say, I might have had a control problem.

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