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Raising Teen Boys and the Ministry of Food (as Told by a Reluctant Meal Planner)

[Featured on The Joyful Life Magazine blog]

My oldest thunked his soccer bag down on the counter, opened the fridge, and let out a slightly alarming sound that announced he was hangry. He needed a quick pre-practice snack. He circled the kitchen, from pantry to freezer to the fridge again as I listed ideas, most of which involved peanut butter and that banana sitting far too close to his cleats.

“Mom, why don’t you cook anymore?” he asked, as he shoved some utilitarian protein and calories in his mouth, and headed off to practice.

A few years earlier, I might have taken offense at this statement. I confess, I’ve been a reluctant meal planner. This making-the-food part of being a boy mama has been bumpy at times. I’m not a cooking-is-therapeutic person, and I hate how cooking leads to dirty dishes. Yet, God’s perfect plan for this family included the endless calling to feed three hungry boys.

Read the full post at The Joyful Life.


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