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God's Work When Goals Sit Dormant

It’s been sitting there since March, its teal linen cover collecting dust, and its spiral-bound, tabbed pages stuck in the past. Every day, I see it out of the corner of my eye as I sit at my desk, but my questions and uncertainty keep it closed. ⁠

Today, I finally opened it. Inside the tab labeled “To Do’s for March,” I saw my handwriting tell of important plans and long-held dreams. Reading it now is like a time capsule, as if I’m sneaking a peek at someone else’s diary. The way I thought things would happen didn’t. The specific goals I wrote for my family, my marriage, and my work, won’t take place. But since the day I scrawled these ideas in faith and prayer, something else unfolded. ⁠

While the book sat dormant, God did not. ⁠

In those weeks when I felt disappointment and confusion and fear, God moved His plans forward quietly. I revisit those initial inscriptions and see God’s fingerprints all over them. Worded the way they are, the “how” parts won’t occur, but the foundational “why” underneath every single one still stands strong. The Kingdom-focused parts wrapped up inside these aspirations—the parts that center around connection and relationship and growth and truth—all kept unfolding. No, I can’t technically check those boxes, but the desires nestled within those scribbled lines and the heart behind those wishes never stopped. ⁠

While I ignored my planner, God kept growing good things, like a tulip pushing through a late spring snow. His timing for when I finally picked up my planner again taught me more than if I’d been opening it regularly throughout the weeks. Separated by time, His hand was even more evident, revealing how faithful He is in all seasons. ⁠

God was turning the pages all along. ⁠

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