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Will You Run the Race Set Before You?

Published by Revelation Wellness.

There was a pit of unsettledness in my stomach, a sort of vague uneasiness that bubbled up uninvited, when I saw a photo on social media of someone who had just finished a race. It wasn’t jealousy I was experiencing. I felt real joy to see someone cross a finish line they had worked so hard to reach.

What was this feeling, then? I wondered.

I used to run. Once when I had finished a short run, I realized with delight that I felt like I could have run farther. It was like when my dog would bound into the backyard, expecting to run beside the fence, but then realized that the gate was open. She found great joy in the freedom of  having the ability and space to run freely! I found that joy in running too, but lost it when I tore my meniscus during my first half-marathon. The disappointment of that injury hit me deep and hard, and the impact it had on my running was just the top layer of many layers through which I needed to wrestle.

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