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How to Find Rest When Wounds Surface Uninvited

Published at (in)courage.

It was the oversized canvas beach bag with the red straps that finally forced me to admit it. My husband went ahead to set up our sun canopy and chairs, the boys dashed off, lugging our towels and balls and boogie boards, and I stashed a pro-level supply of sunscreen, snacks, and drinks inside that beach bag.

For the past three months, I’d been struggling with a very swollen knee, so I slowly made my way to the beach.

It was on that boardwalk, when I was wrestling with that blasted beach bag and clinging to the weathered railing, that I had my little come-to-Jesus moment. I silently pled, “Jesus, I’m done. Please, fix this knee.”

And I’m quite certain He answered, “Daughter, I’ll take care of the knee — but please, set down that ridiculous bag.”

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