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God Has Not Rejected His People

Published at She Reads Truth, Romans Reading Plan.

Back in my big hair days, one of the challenges of going to church camp was that we had to bring butane curling irons so as not to blow the circuits…as big-haired girls could do. (I’m still unsure how fueling an object intended to curl hair with a highly flammable gas was a good idea?) But good hair wasn’t my only priority at camp. I also felt a burden to confess a sin I feared had permanently separated me from Jesus. 

That church camp girl with the perfectly curled bangs didn’t understand mercy. She didn’t understand how it works to be fully, eternally grafted in (Romans 11:19). 

This chapter offers a celebration for that church camp girl, and a (perhaps cautionary) reminder for her older self.

Read the full devotion at She Reads Truth.


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