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Deborah Judges Israel

Published at She Reads Truth, Judges Reading Plan.

In my soccer-loving family, one of our post-game rituals on the ride home is the conversation and commentary about the game—replaying it in our heads and celebrating a win. All of that occurs over milkshakes, of course. 

In today’s Scripture passage, we get a front-row seat for a similar ritual. We first read of God’s triumph through Deborah and Barak and then delight in the post-battle song celebrating God’s victory.

When chapter 4 begins, we learn that Israel has been under King Jabin’s harsh oppression for twenty long, hard years. Deborah commissions Barak to go to battle against him and conveys a promise from the Lord that God would hand over Sisera, the commander of King Jabin’s army, to Barak (Judges 4:6–7). Even when Barak hesitated (v.8) and God determined that a woman would instead defeat Sisera, His promise of deliverance stood firm. 

A guaranteed triumph waited. Let’s look at how God’s perfect battle plan came together. 

Read the full devotion at She Reads Truth.


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