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Writer. Speaker. Encourager.

Hey, there!

Let's get one thing out of the way: you won't find perfection here. It's exhausting and endless and I had to lay that mess down. Because being a Jesus girl isn't about doing all the things. Instead, what you'll find here centers around what waits when we set aside our "checklist faith." It looks less like striving and performing and more like embracing growth and grace. And rest. Because when we know God deeper and hear Him louder, we find rest for our souls. So pull up a chair, and let's grow together. I'm so glad you're with me.


Photo credit: Seth Wehrman Photography

See that typewriter?

I always wanted a vintage typewriter. My father-in-law used this one for his bookkeeping, and I'm thankful to have it to remember him.



Does your soul need rest? Do you long to hear Him speak to your heart? Do you want to try a new way of listening for His voice?


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